Student Technology Fee

The Student Technology Fee supports the acquisition of technology to enrich students' academic experience.

Student Technology Fee 2019-2022 Overview

The current Student Technology Fee is $35 (full-time students) or $17 (part-time students)*. Funding is dedicated to the following purposes:

  • $15.00 for computer lab renewal and replacement
  • $6.75 for the Student Technology Center
  • $5.15 for wireless network renewal and replacement
  • $4.35 for STF proposals (now called Tech initiatives)
  • $2.00 for the Digital Media Center (DMC)
  • $1.75 for a print quota

How did the current fee come about?

During the fall quarter of 2017, the Associated Students (AS) Board of Directors appointed a committee to consider the amount and uses of a new Student Technology Fee recommendation to be voted upon by the student body in spring 2018. The referendum had the following results:

  • The referendum passed.
  • The Student Technology Fee remains at $35.00 per quarter for students with 6 credits or more and $17.50 per quarter for students with 1 to 5 credits. (The previous fee for the 2014-2018 academic years was also $35 per quarter, but with a different funding allocation.)
  • The current fee is effective for four years, and then will be subject to renewal.

Tech Initiatives Proposals, Academic Year 2021

$4.35 of the $35 Student Tech Fee is for the Tech Initiatives projects, which are determined through a proposal process. This represents approximately $184,000 in projects for the current academic year. The process includes two phases: initial abstracts and full proposals.


*Due to the primarily virtual teaching and learning environment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the fee was reduced effective winter quarter 2021 to $33.25/$16.63. This reflects the removal of the $1.75 print quota allocation.

A student scans the bar code of a portable battery pack.