About the Student Technology Fee


The Student Technology Fee provides Western students with adequate and innovative technology experiences by:

  • Broadening/enhancing the quality of the academic experience,
  • Providing additional student access to technology, and
  • Increasing integration of technology into the curriculum.

Student Technology Fee 2019-2022 Overview

The current Student Technology Fee is $35 (full-time students) or $17.50 (part-time students). Funding is dedicated to the following purposes:

  • $15.00 for computer lab renewal and replacement
  • $6.75 for the Student Technology Center
  • $5.15 for wireless network renewal and replacement
  • $4.35 for STF proposals (called Tech initiatives)
  • $2.00 for the Digital Media Center (DMC)
  • $1.75 for a print quota

Operational Guidelines

Student Technology Fee Operational Guidelines AY 2019-2022 (Revised October 2019)

How did the current fee come about?

During the fall quarter of 2017, the Associated Students (AS) Board of Directors (now called the AS Executive Board) appointed a committee to consider the amount and uses of a new Student Technology Fee recommendation to be voted upon by the student body in spring 2018. The referendum passed with the following results:

  • The Student Technology Fee remains at $35.00 per quarter for students with 6 credits or more and $17.50 per quarter for students with 1 to 5 credits. (The previous fee for the 2014-2018 academic years was also $35 per quarter, but with a different funding allocation.)
  • The current fee is effective for four yearsacademic years 2019-2022and then will be subject to renewal.


Fall Quarter, AY 2022

The Print Quota allocation was added back to the fee. The fee returned to $35 (full-time student) and $17.50 (part-time student) per quarter.

Winter Quarter, AY 2021

Due to the primarily virtual teaching and learning environment resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Print Quota allocation was removed from the fee. The reduced fee is $33.25 (full-time student)/$16.63 (part-time student) per quarter.

Spring 2018

Students approved an AS Board recommendation to have the fee remain at $35 per quarter and change the dedicated uses of the fee for academic years 2019-2022.

Spring 2013

Students approved an AS Board recommendation to increase the fee to $35 per quarter and expand the dedicated uses of the fee for academic years 2014-2018.

Spring 2009

Students approved an AS Board recommendation to increase the fee to $25 per quarter for academic years 2010-2013.

May 2004

AS Board resolution: Extend the fee of $15 per quarter for one year (fall quarter 2004 through spring quarter 2005).

May 2002

AS Board resolution: Continue the fee with a $5 increase, contingent on continued funding support from university administration and Western Foundation.

Fall 1995

The Student Technology Fee (STF) was implemented by the Associated Students (AS), Western Washington University, and the Western Foundation. The AS Board established a fee imposed on all full-time, on-campus students.


A student scans the bar code of a portable battery pack.