STF Tech Initiatives Committee

The Student Technology Fee (STF) Tech Initiatives Committee reports to both the Associated Students (AS) Senate and the Vice Provost for Information Technology (VPIT)/CIO.

During winter and spring quarters, the Committee oversees the STF Tech Initiatives proposal process (currently 12.43% of the Fee allocation) by:

  1. Reviewing abstracts and inviting proposal submissions.
  2. Reviewing resulting proposals, including conducting site visits with principal applicants.
  3. Recommending project funding for the proposal allocation to the AS Senate and the University President.

The STF Tech Initiatives Committee is comprised as follows:

  • AS Senate President (Co-Chair)
  • 3 student at-large representatives (appointed by AS after application process)
  • VPIT/CIO, or designee (Co-Chair)
  • Faculty representative from the Academic Technology Committee
  • Faculty Senate at-large representative
  • Secretary (non-voting)

Charge & Charter

Student Technology Fee Tech Initiatives Committee Charge & Charter

Committee Meetings

If you'd like to review notes from committee meetings, email the committee.

Committee Members, AY 2024

Associated Students (AS) Senate President,

Gabe Wong

Vice Provost for Information Technology/CIO,

John Farquhar, Director, Academic Technology and User Services (ATUS)
(designated by VPIT/CIO)

Student at-Large Representatives, appointed by AS

Note: Associated Students appoints students to the committee after application process.

Faculty Representative from the Academic Technology Committee (ATC)

Robert Berger, Associate Professor, Chemistry (winter quarter)

Faculty Senate at-Large Representative

Ozan Sula, Professor, Economics

Secretary (non-voting)

Diane Bateman, Administrative Assistant to the VPIT/CIO